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¿Qué tan seguro es Colorado Springs?

Ubicación, ubicación, ubicación es un cliché en bienes raíces por una razón. Al comprar una casa, es importante comprender el vecindario donde está comprando la propiedad. La mayoría de la gente está interesada en la calidad de las escuelas de los alrededores, la seguridad y el entretenimiento cercano. Usted mismo probablemente esté haciendo una investigación similar. Para encontrar esta guía, es posible que se haya preguntado: ¿Qué tan seguro es Colorado Springs? ¿O cuáles son los suburbios más seguros de Colorado Springs? En esta guía, responderemos a la pregunta: ¿Colorado Springs es peligroso y veremos algunas formas de mantenerse seguro en una ciudad?

Is Colorado Springs Safe?

Let’s jump right to it, is Colorado Springs a safe place to live? Any reasonable person knows that there is never a guarantee of safety even in the safest places. With that being said, Colorado Springs is not a dangerous place. According to the 2022 crime statistics. Colorado Springs is slightly above the national average for crime with the safest neighborhoods falling far below the national average. Take a look at some of my neighborhood feature articles if you are interested in learning more about specific neighborhoods. 

Ways to Stay Safe

As long as we are thinking about potential dangers in Colorado Springs we should take a look at the dangers of living in any city and how to keep yourself as safe as possible.  Keep in mind that most of the issues with crime in Colorado Springs are related to drugs or vandalism as opposed to violent crimes. But here are some tips for staying safe in any city:

  1. Trust your gut

Have you ever gotten a funny feeling about someone or something? It might sound silly, but your subconscious can pick up on signs that your conscious mind might not be aware of.  Humans are especially good at picking up on body language and emotion, check out this article about listening to your subconscious if you want to learn more. But the basic takeaway is that if something feels off, trust your instincts and get out of there. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

  1. Put your phone away – look up and pay attention

A lot of staying safe in a city depends on simply being aware of your surroundings. If you pay attention to what is happening around you, you can avoid a lot of sticky situations. An additional reason to put your phone away is so that you are not a target for pickpockets. Leaving valuables at home is the best way to keep them safe. The second best option is to keep them out of sight. Afterall, it is far easier to steal valuables that you know are there.

  1. Plan your route and tell someone where you will be going

An easy way to stay safe is to simply communicate with the people who care about you. If you are going somewhere alone, tell someone where you will be going, how you will get there and check in when you do get there. My daughter used to do this when she was living in a large city. She would share her location with a friend or family member before going on a date with a new person. This gives everyone peace of mind as they know where you are, when they should expect you to come back, and where to start looking if you do not come back when you said you would. 

  1. Drive Safe!

Finally, there is a slightly higher rate of deaths from car accidents in Colorado Springs so be especially careful when driving.  Watch out for black ice and look twice for people on bikes or motorcycles. Safe driving benefits everyone whether you are in a city or on an open road. 

Main Takeaways

So what is the conclusion? Is Colorado Springs dangerous? My answer is no. As long as you are taking appropriate actions like you would in any city, you should be perfectly safe in Colorado Springs. Moreover, if you are truly concerned about it, you can check out some of the beautiful and safe neighborhoods that exist all over Colorado Springs.

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