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6 preguntas que debe hacerse al alquilar un espacio de oficina

Recientemente, la forma en que pensamos sobre el trabajo y los espacios de trabajo se ha transformado. Si bien los confinamientos por la pandemia han convertido el trabajo desde casa en un estándar, muchos trabajos funcionan mejor con espacios profesionales dedicados. Una oficina brinda a los clientes interacciones cara a cara y a los compañeros de trabajo la oportunidad de esos momentos de colaboración espontánea que surgen de trabajar juntos en persona. En algún momento, todos hemos tenido problemas técnicos para conectarnos a una llamada de Zoom.

Leasing an office can help you establish a brand for your business, improve your website ranking, and make you easier to find. Having a dedicated workspace sets a good impression with your clients, and helps keep coworkers and staff focused. tThere is ample office space for lease in and around Colorado Springs. Regardless of your reasons for renting an office, how you find it remains the same. 

Here are some things to consider when looking for office space:

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Rent Office Space?

You can research online to find postings near you. Retail space in Colorado Springs is available at $8-15 per square foot!

  1. What Features Does Your Business Need in an Office Space?

Your vision for the space is crucial for picking your location and floor plan. If your business needs special equipment or zoning, those considerations are a priority. 

  1. How Does It Look/Feel? 

Can you envision your business in this space? Does it have the usable square footage advertised? It can be useful to see the space at different times of day to get a feel for foot and vehicle traffic, as well as lighting and other aspects that are difficult to convey over the internet. If you’re getting an office for the benefits of in-person visits, it’s worth it to take a tour first.

  1. What’s Your Timeframe? 

A longer commitment can save you on rent and extra service costs, while a shorter lease might offer you more flexibility to accommodate a sudden change or rapid growth.

  1. Do You Have Expert Help for Your Search and Negotiations? 

Finding the right office can be complicated and time-consuming, and mistakes can be costly. Having help from a representative will make it easy to find the perfect space for your business at an affordable rate. An agent can help you put together an office leasing game plan. In addition to helping you with the considerations above, they can also search listing databases and work with you to get a lease that fits your company’s needs, making sure you’re getting what you pay for. 

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