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Sold in 1 Day! – A True Seller’s Market

You may be hearing stories about the current housing market and how right now is a “seller’s market”…

This week I’ve gotten first hand experience of what it’s like out there in the market today, and let me tell you, it’s been an eye opener! 

3634 Alpine Place

In this competetive Colorado Springs market, the current trend is for residential listings to go “live” on a Thursday, be available for showings Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All offers are submitted by Sunday, reviewed by Monday and the home is usually under contract by Monday evening. That sounds like a really quick timeline to me and here is the  reality of what actually happened… that whole timeline of 5 days actually happened in 1 day, literally in less than 12 hours!!

My seller had done a great job of making the property beautiful… new carpet, paint, clean up and minor repairs. The hard work paid off the day the house went on the market. On the first day of being available for showings, we had at least 10 showings and received 3 amazing offers! The offers were so fabulous that it would have been silly to not accept one in hopes of something better. This is truly the best example of what a seller’s market actually is. 

If you have been considering selling your home, now may be the best time for you to talk with a professional and see what your options are. Real Estate is booming! Take action now! 

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