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Maison » Les meilleurs quartiers de Colorado Springs : Old Colorado City Edition

Les meilleurs quartiers de Colorado Springs : Old Colorado City Edition

This month we are continuing with one of my favorite series. I am once again taking an in depth look at the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs to live. This will be my third article in my best neighborhoods in the Colorado Springs area series with four more guides to come. This time we are looking at Old Colorado City or OCC as the locals affectionately call it. I will take you through everything a prospective home buyer or visitor might want to know about this historic part of Colorado Springs.  If you are interested in learning more about neighborhoods in Colorado Springs feel free to check out my other blog articles on Briargate et Northgate and check back for my future articles about other fantastic neighborhoods in Colorado.

Where is Old Colorado City?

First things first, where is Old Colorado City located? Old Colorado City is located just west of downtown Colorado Springs at the base of Pikes Peak. The easiest way to access Old Colorado City is via West Colorado Avenue which is west of Interstate 25. It is about a 20 minute drive from the Colorado Springs Airport and a less than 5 minute drive from the Red Rock Canyon city preserve. This neighborhood’s location is perfect for anyone looking for a walkable city feel with gorgeous nature parks right around the corner. The convenient shopping center provides something for everyone. 

School District

Old Colorado city is located in Colorado Springs school district 11. The schools in Old Colorado City are full of diverse perspectives and passionate people. With a low student to teacher ratio you can feel confident that your child will be getting a personalized education.

Night Life

While old might be in the name, Old Colorado City is anything but a sleepy mountain town. Historically, Old Colorado City has always been overflowing with activity going back to the time of the gold rush when it was known for its saloons and other forms of entertainment. In the present day, the Old Colorado City shopping district has a multitude of restaurants, sports bars and lounges, making it easy to have a romantic night on the town or a wild night out. In addition to the many options for Old Colorado City dining and drinks, there are events happening all the time. There is always something happening in the Old Colorado City market, from live music, to the Old Colorado City Fall Festival to the upcoming Christmas Stroll. Old Colorado City has a rich history of being a vibrant town with something for everyone and it lives up to that reputation to this day. 

Public Services

Of course there are many fun attractions in Old Colorado City, but what about the more practical things a person living there might need? Old Colorado City offers public libraries to its residents including the historic Carnegie Public Library located in the center of the area very near the Old Colorado City Historical Society & History Center. There are also 2 hospitals nearby and a post office located near the town center as well. 

Other Recreation

You have already read about so many fun things to do in Old Colorado City, how could there possibly be even more? Well I haven’t even gotten to the history behind Old Colorado City or the outdoor activities which all Colorado Residents love. An interesting fact about Old Colorado City is that it was once the capital of Colorado. Its time as the state capital was short, but the town is still filled with a rich history as it is one of the oldest settlements in Colorado. Stop by the Old Colorado City history center museum to learn more about the history of this place.  

Additionally, as I mentioned before, Old Colorado City is incredibly close to the Red Rock Canyon Open Space City Preserve. If you are a nature lover, getting out and exploring this beautiful natural landscape is something you cannot miss. Not to mention the proximity to Pikes Peak. If you are a fan of hiking, mountain biking, or just spectacular views Pikes Peak is a must see stop for anyone in Old Colorado City. 


In my opinion Old Colorado City is a great place to visit and a fun place to live. With all the benefits of a walkable city and all the open space of a Colorado mountain town, what is not to love? Old Colorado City is a beautiful, vibrant and artistic city where anyone could be happy living.

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