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5 meilleurs sentiers de randonnée de Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs est un endroit magnifique avec une grande variété de choses à faire et à voir. Mais ce que je préfère dans la vie ici, c'est la randonnée. La randonnée à Colorado Springs est fantastique car il y a tellement d'endroits où aller et tellement de vues incroyables à voir. Pour cet article de blog, je vais vous faire découvrir certains de mes sentiers de randonnée préférés à Colorado Springs. J'espère que vous les apprécierez autant que moi !

Garden of the Gods Park

If you can only go on one hike while you are in Colorado Springs it should be this one. The views are breathtaking and the paths are well maintained and it’s free. This area is famous in Colorado Springs hiking, and it’s no question why. As soon as you see the rocks and famous rock formations (like the kissing camels and balance rock) you’ll understand how they came up with the name, the Garden of the Gods. It also holds a special place in my heart because it is a place I have taken my kids many times since they were old enough to hike. The paths are well maintained and mostly paved. The traffic can be a bit busy, but if you don’t stay too long at the major attractions that isn’t a problem. Finally, you can hike for as long or as short as you would like. There are trails that involve getting out of your car for less than a mile and trails that you can take around the entire park for miles and miles of beautiful views. I highly recommend this area as a great place to start your Colorado Springs hiking adventures. As far as Colorado Springs things to see, the Garden of the Gods should be at the top of your list. 

Pikes Peak

As long as we are talking about iconic areas to visit in Colorado Springs we have to talk about Pikes Peak. Pikes Peak is iconic for several reasons. Did you know that in 1893, Katherine Lee Bates was inspired to write a poem called ”Pikes Peak” that later was adapted and became the famous “America the Beautiful” song that we all know today? Another reason is that Pikes Peak is the highest point in the southern front range of the Rocky Mountains. The views from the summit are incredible but I would not blame you if you decided not to climb all the way to the top to find out. The most common trail for hikers to use is the Barr Trail which is an out and back trail that is 13 miles long one way. In fact, this trail has been used for the Pikes Peak marathons since 1956. Luckily, you can plan a shorter hike if you still want to experience hiking in Colorado Springs at this gorgeous location but aren’t ready for a full marathon. 

Red Rock Canyon

If you are looking for Colorado Springs hiking trails that are a little less busy and a little farther off the beaten path you might be interested in Red Rock Canyon. Just like the other locations I have mentioned, there are a lot of trail options so you can customize your experience to whatever difficulty level you are comfortable with. The trails in Red Rock Canyon are shorter than Pikes Peak with the average trail length being between 1.7 and 5.4 miles long. A few of the best features of this beautiful hiking trail are that it has views of Garden of the Gods and is accessible to rock climbers (with permits). Definitely a worthy excursion if you are looking for great hiking in the Colorado Springs area. 

Cheyenne Mountain State Park 

We have talked about a lot of beautiful places so far today but Cheyenne Mountain State Park has something that none of the previously mentioned Colorado Springs hiking destinations has: campsites. You can’t go wrong hiking anywhere in Colorado Springs, but if you want to be truly immersed in nature you will want to check out this new addition to the Colorado State Park system. There are over 20 miles of trails to choose from and plenty of camping spots. If you are a lover of wilderness adventures I highly recommend this Colorado Springs hiking adventure. 

Bear Creek Canyon

Let me tell you a little history before we get into Bear Creek Canyon. This area was donated by General William Jackson Palmer, along with several other Colorado State parks (Prospect Lake, Palmer Park, Monument Valley Park, North Cheyenne Canyon Park and Pioneer Square South Park). I saved this place for last because it’s less well known than most of the other destinations that we have talked about so far. If you are looking for a beautiful area that is outside of the usual tourist destinations then hiking Bear Creek Canyon is a great option for you. 


One of the reasons that I love living and working in Colorado Springs is the beautiful scenery. No matter where you choose to hike, bike or ride horses you are sure to have a gorgeous view. I hope you enjoy the Colorado Springs hiking trails as much as I do. Happy adventuring!

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