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BIG News Has Arrived! Top Quality Investment Opportunity Now Available!

In my last blog post I promised you that big news was on it’s way and now it’s finally here! My big announcement is that the auto repair shop located at 1027 E Highway 24 in Woodland Park, CO is officially on the market!!! This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who is interested in investing in a commercial property. Who’s going to be the first to jump on it?  This article will break down why this property is such a great deal and why you should be on the lookout for more like it.

The Property

Let’s start with a quick breakdown of why this property is special. As you probably know the three most important things in real estate are: location location location. Trust me when I say this property has a fabulous location. Located on Highway 24, in the Safeway shopping center,  across the street from Natural Grocers and right next to an Autozone, this property is in the perfect location, meeting the needs of Woodland Park and the surrounding areas of Divide, Green Mountain Falls, Cripple Creek, Victor, Florissant, and Lake George. 

Easy To Find

First let’s talk about the customers. Being located on Highway 24 makes it simple for new and returning customers to find the shop. No need to drive into the mountains or off the main roads to find this shop. Be it someone looking for a routine service or someone who has broken down on the side of the road this auto shop could not be easier to find. 

Furthermore, I mentioned that this shop is conveniently located near an Autozone. Every now and then, a customer will go to the Autozone with a problem that they think they can fix on their own; however, it doesn’t always end up being that simple. Once they realize that things are more difficult than they thought, the professional auto repair shop is only a short distance away with automobile professionals who are always ready to answer questions and support them with the services they need. 

Quick Access to Parts

This fantastic location right off the highway is not just convenient for customer acquisition. As a registered Napa Autocare Center supplied by the local Napa Store, the parts arrive at the shop in less than 15 minutes of hitting the “send order button”. Talk about convenience for the shop AND the customers!

The Contents

Alright, what would you actually be getting if you were to purchase this property? The property is currently an auto repair shop. The building includes three separate drive-through bays, 2 full lifts and 1 short lift. Other machinery includes shop tools, bulk fluid dispensing equipment and waste storage tanks. The customer waiting area is clean and spacious. In this waiting area there is a gas log fireplace and restroom. All furniture, and equipment associated with the business are included with the purchase of the business and building; however,  mechanics’ own private tools are excluded.


I mentioned that the lobby is clean and spacious but don’t forget this location is in a scenic, mountainous part of Colorado. The lobby has views of Pikes Peak and is surrounded by open space and trails. You will see deer crossing the street regularly, and occasionally see other wildlife. As an employee (or customer) you are close enough to walk down to the shopping center, grab some lunch and enjoy a gorgeous Colorado view. In my opinion, not a bad way to spend your lunch break.

The Business


An added bonus to this property is that the business itself is actually for sale. Included in this offer is a profitable, well-known, respected auto repair business. This business has a long history in the community which draws in local customers. The owners have also worked hard to establish a presence on search engines, drawing in new clients all the time. The website was recently updated and is available to be transferred with the business. Can you imagine buying an established business that is already optimized for search engines? That will save you months, maybe even years of work! In addition to all of this, the auto shop equipment is also included in the deal (with the exception of the mechanic’s personal tools of course). Interestingly, the owners are also willing to sell the business separately, provide an owner-carry opportunity, or a lease purchase. The listing agent is a partial owner of the building and business. The owners are willing to make it work for you!

The Automotive Technicians

When starting a business it is important to find the right people to work alongside you. A huge benefit to this auto repair shop is that you are not starting from scratch when it comes to the business. There are experienced team members who work in the shop. They are professional, honest, technical experts with decades of experience under their belts. They are straight shooters who will tell it exactly how it is when it comes to the customer’s vehicle. The automotive technicians will give a real diagnosis of what they see is going on with the vehicle. They will advise the customer of exactly what needs to be done for the customer’s safety. They will also advise the customer of the issues that can come up if a customer chooses to wait for a repair. This process of communicating openly and honestly with the customer creates trust and rapport that leads to life long relationships. 

The Opportunity

Can’t you see why I have been so excited to share this news with you!? This new listing is the opportunity of a lifetime. It is the perfect setup for a mechanic who has always wanted to own their own shop or simply for someone with a passion for automobiles. This highly desirable Woodland Park location is ideal. Spending your days in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado is a dream come true. The business is established, profitable and continuing to grow. There is no better opportunity than this one! I can’t wait to see who will be the lucky one to snatch this up!

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